Finding Lulu: Global Challenge One

User and System Requirements
Finding Lulu: GC1 is a small open world PC Game developed by Brian Mutuma. It's sold and distributed by Vellar International through SteamWorks.

Based on two characters, Amy and Lulu, the game scene is set out in Vellar County. After an invasion by other world life forms that wiped out the entire population, Amy and Lulu are the sole survivors of the Alien encounter. Lulu, the younger of the two, frightened by the whole ordeal, has isolated herself and gone into hiding. She is unaware that Amy has also survived.

Vellar County is split into three islands: Suburbs, Metropolis and Farmlands. You are required to locate all 10 gold coins that are hidden across these three settings. 4 in the Suburbs, 3 in the city, and 3 in the Farmlands. This will unlock Lulu's location and you will then be required to search for her in all three islands. Once you locate her, Lulu will give you a Victory Code that you will then submit to Vellar International's website for the challenge to officially end.

Note that you will need a Steam Account and download the Steam Desktop Application to download and play the game after purchasing.

Being a Global Challenge, Vellar International seeks to give back to it's community of players. Therefore, to make things a little more interesting and fun, there is a giveaway to the first person who successfully completes the game and submits the Victory Code. The specified amount is stated on this page, just before the purchase button.

The initial giveaway amount is $1000, and will change incrementally as more players join the challenge.

Please view and thoroughly read through the Legal content provided to you before proceeding, and by buying the game, you are agreeing to the Legal information provided, as well as the Terms and Conditions stated therein.

From us, we wish you all the best as you join the most thrilling global challenge yet.

Click here to review the Terms of Use before purchasing and downloading the game.
W - Walk Forward (Left Shift + W to Run)
S - Walk Backward
A - Move Left
D - Move Right
C - Crouch
Right Mouse Button - Focus
MOUSE MOVEMENTS - Controls the Camera
1 - Teleport to Suburbs
2 - Teleport to Metropolis
3 - Teleport to Farmlands
1. Must have a Steam Account
2. Steam Desktop Application
3. Windows 10 OS
4. Intel HD Graphics 520 or higher
5. 8 GB of RAM or higher recommended
6. Intel Core i3 CPU or higher recommended
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Current Giveaway Value: $1000